John Grant – about collaboration with other artists [INTERVIEW]

John Grant

John Grant

John Grant seems to be a very interesting and life experienced man. Having such impressions revealed just by reading the articles and interviews in the internet, we even more regret we couldn’t talk to him in person. Our questions were sent to John by e-mail and you’ll find the answers below.

TDGM: You have worked with many musicians. I am wondering if you’d consider yourself a fulfilled artist or is this fulfillment still ahead?

John Grant: No, I think fulfillment is still ahead for me or perhaps never. But if I had to quit tomorrow or couldn’t do this anymore, I would be very grateful and happy with what I’ve achieved so far.

TDGM: Speaking of other artists – who would you like to perform or record a song with?

John Grant: Susanne Sundfør is someone I’d really like to sing with. And Neko Case for sure.

TDGM: What is your favorite part in making music?

John Grant: I enjoy the mixing process when you get to put on all the bells and whistles, the decorating part, so to speak. But I really enjoy writing lyrics as well.

TDGM: Are you able to point out the most exciting moment in your career?

John Grant: There have been several. Meeting Yello a few nights ago was a life highlight for me. Singing with Sinead O’Connor and Alison Goldfrapp also amazing. Getting to know Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti has also been an incredible experience.

TDGM: You are the experienced musician but most of all very experienced man. You went through a lot, you fought different problems and you have survived. Where do you find your strenght?

John Grant: I have amazing people around me who have helped me pull through the difficult times. It’s all about reaching out for help and not hiding.

TDGM: Has music helped you get through tough times? Was it any kind of motivation or escape?

John Grant: Definitely!!! I would say it has always been motivational for me as well as an escape.

TDGM: What are you aiming for in your life at the moment?

John Grant: Not really sure. Just want to continue to grow as an artist and continue to nurture my relationship with my partner and my friends and family. I also want to continue improving my skills in the various languages I speak.

TDGM: You performed in Poland at OFF Festival in 2013. I’m not gonna ask if you remember this concert, if you liked it etc. I’m more interested in the fact if Polish audience got your attention somehow? I’m asking about it because foreign artists very often talk about Polish audience and consider it as a great one which in most cases makes me smile. I think they say it in every single country they play.

John Grant: I suppose what I have noticed is that the Polish audience seems open to me and that’s all I need to want to come back. Plus, it’s a beautiful country with very interesting history to say the least. I quite like the language as well. Although I’m not sure I’ll tackle it anytime soon. I have enough problems with Icelandic at the moment.

[Magda Rogóż/Katarzyna Janik/TDGM]