Heidrik – about being an artist and his newest record [INTERVIEW]


There are many forms of self-expression. And there are many artists for whom one form is just not enough. Heidrik, a very talented artist from Faroe Islands is one of them. He’s already known as a painter, director and a musician. Quite recently he has signed a contract with Polish label – Fonobo Records, which will release his newest album „Funeral” in October this year. Heidrik intrigued us with his sensitivity, consequence and… playing ukulele. I couldn’t resist asking him couple of questions about his work.

TDGM: You’re a very talented person. People are thrilled by your works – as a painter, director and a musician. Is doing so many things at once related to some kind of life hunger? Like you’d love to do and try as much as possible in your life? Or maybe you’re simply a workaholic?

Heidrik: Well it’s just a form of expression for me. If I don’t express myself I feel very repressed and I get depressed. So I need to get everything out to feel free. There is so much stuff going on in my head that if I didn’t do it, I would explode.

TDGM: Everyone has a day when everything goes wrong or gets unproductive or uncreative. How do you manage with such days?

Heidrik: I feel bad if I haven’t done something whole day. Feel I wasted a whole day away. But that’s when I do absolutely nothing. I consider having a good time being productive too – it’s good for the soul.

TDGM: Being an artist is not easy. It’s a very tough business. Are there any moments that you wish to throw everything away and start with completely different carrer?

Heidrik: Yes, it’s really hard to pay your bills, because there is never enough money. I thought about getting a 9-5 job but I think I would just die. I need to work with my stuff all the time – as I said I get depressed and feel horrible if I don’t get to work with art. It keeps me sane. I just hope one day it pays off.

TDGM: What had the biggest impact on you as an artist, then? What made you take this path in your life?

Heidrik: There never was a moment when I woke up and said „I want to be an artist”. I always knew I was going to be an artist – even before I could pronounce the word „artist” properly. I was sort of born that way. It’s such a natural thing for me. Like eating, sleeping – necessary things we do to be alive. That’s how it is for me too.

TDGM: I’ve read somewhere that Ralph Kaminski presented your material to his manager and Fonobo Records. How did you meet?

Heidrik: We meet through an old friend of mine. We became good friends right away and I sent him my record and he loved it.

TDGM: Do you plan to do something together?

Heidrik: I helped him out with his next music video which we shot in April. I think it’s going to be really beautiful. He’s a very talented guy!

TDGM: What are your expectations of working with Polish record label?

Heidrik: Well, the best of course! I just hope we can get the music out to every corner of Poland and have a lot of gigs, and become rich, and famous, and buy myself a private jet plane, and a yacht, and a villa, and… joke! I just want to write and perform.

TDGM: The title „Funeral” doesn’t sound very optimistic. Why have you decided to name the record this way?

Heidrik: I was thinking about calling the album „Closure” but I didn’t think it was respectable enough. I said goodbye to a lot of things in my life on this album to be able to have more room for good things. It’s an album about letting go. Letting go of things that don’t do you good and letting go of insecurities – so you can move on with your life. About my past – and I wanted to say goodbye in the most respectable and beautiful way. And I find funerals very beautiful. A beautiful way to get closure.

TDGM: I’ve been listening to the „Funeral” lately. The melodies are quite simple, bit severe which makes
the lyrics more naked. You can’t hide behind the melody. Was it intentional?

Heidrik: Well in my past I have worked a lot with big productions with endless tracks and a whole bunch of electronic stuff. But more and more I learned to write songs I found out that better you get at writing a song (which is the core – or skeleton of a song) less production is needed. I just went back to basic and just saw the beauty in simplicity. And as you say – then the words become a big part of the music as well which was important for this album. I think lyrics are very important. If we say that the melody is the physical appearance of someone and the lyrics are the personality. Then a pretty person is not very interesting to talk to if the personality is not so exciting.

[Magda Rogóż/TDGM]